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Your way with HEINLOTH


Have you ever wondered how your online order gets to your home or how goods get from Italy to Scandinavia - at the right time, in the right quantity and to the right customer?

Or have you always wanted to see how a truck engine is constructed - or be on the road with a truck?

Let us show you and shape the future of the haulage & logistics industry together with us!

Businessman (m/f/d)
for forwarding and logistics services

Open training position

Whether by phone or e-mail - as part of your practice-orientated training, you will be in constant contact with international customers and business partners. You will create transport orders, record orders in the transport management system and organise the dispatch of goods, including their storage.
After successfully completing your training, you could consider further training to become a transport specialist.

Businessman (m/f/d)
for office management

Open training position

Nobody can fool you in the office. You coordinate appointments, talk to customers on the phone, check invoices and organise various project or order-related processes. You will familiarise yourself with a wide variety of areas - from financial accounting to shipping accounting, the secretariat or reception.
Later on, you can easily specialise in individual areas and train to become an accountant or HR specialist.


Warehouse logistics clerk (m/f/d)/
Warehouse specialist (m/f/d)

Open training position

Stacking boxes and pushing pallets through the warehouse? You'll learn more with us! After just two years, you can be a trained warehouse specialist (m/f/d) - if you add another year, you would be a trained warehouse logistics specialist. We will teach you how to pack goods, store and retrieve them or transfer them using a forklift truck. You will work with a warehouse management system, manual scanners and, of course, an experienced logistics team!
Later on, you can continue your training at any time, e.g. to become a logistics foreman.

Motor vehicle mechatronics technician (m/f/d)
Commercial vehicle technology

Open training position

As a vehicle mechatronics technician, you will mainly be responsible for the maintenance and repair of trucks - both our own and those of other companies. In our workshop, you will learn how to keep our fleet roadworthy and ready for use at all times! From servicing the engine and electronics, checking engine performance to simply changing spark plugs - you'll learn everything here!
By training to become a master craftsman in this field, you can develop into a sought-after expert in the long term.

Professional truck driver (m/f/d)

Open training position

As a professional driver, you ensure that goods arrive safely, quickly and undamaged at the customer's premises and therefore have a lot of responsibility - for yourself, the goods, the truck and other road users. That's why we'll show you exactly how to keep everything to do with the truck under control. If you start your training with us at the age of 16, we will pay for your driving licence for the large CE category trucks from the age of 18.
And don't forget: As a driver, you should above all enjoy driving and like being on the road!
As a Freight Transport & Logistics Specialist (m/f/d/) or Certified Master Craftsman for Road Transport (m/f/d), you can later gain a foothold in other areas of the company outside of trucks.

and in colour

Meet us in person on site.
On the dates listed, you will have the opportunity to meet our HR team directly and find out about the opportunities at Heinloth - the logistic experts.

Just have a look
in with us!

Not sure whether one of the trainings is right for you? 

Then do a taster traineeship with us and let us answer all your questions! We are here for you!

Are you wondering what you need to bring with you to get a training with us? 

Above all, we want you to be yourself! Of course, these characteristics are also an advantage:

  • reasonably good grades - although we emphasise different subjects depending on the training and only use this as an indicator
  • Curiosity, commitment and motivation
  • Punctuality, reliability and politeness

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