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Intelligent logistics



For many years, we have specialised in complex solutions that go beyond the entirely handling of transport, storage and order picking activities.

From an initial, no-obligation consultation and an assessment of the current situation to the creation of a concept and its final implementation, we are at your disposal with our decades of experience as a system service provider.





As part of our procurement logistics, we organise and handle your incoming LTL and FTL shipments from all regions of Europe and Eurasia in dialogue with your suppliers. Incoming goods can, of course, be temporarily stored in our logistics centres, the consignments "bundled" and delivered to you according to agreed parameters.



We take care of the distribution of your goods throughout Europe and Eurasia. Depending on the consignment structure, we offer the option of using different product areas such as parcel services, well-known groupage freight co-operations and LTL and FTL transport for the distribution of your goods.


In-house logistics

Within the scope of in-house logistics, we take over all or part of the internal flow of goods on your premises, as well as the necessary commercial documentation (entry in the merchandise management system, storage location allocation, etc.). From incoming goods and the receipt of raw and production materials intended for you, to the supply of production and the transfer of produced goods to your finished goods warehouse with subsequent packaging, order picking and handover/loading to your transport and forwarding partners.



We offer our customers a wide range of storage options, both as rack storage and single-user storage, but also in block storage at any time. We utilise the latest technologies to map the processes as transparently as possible and ensure intelligent and product-appropriate inventory management.


Our warehouses and logistics processes are certified in
accordance with EC Organic Regulation 834/2007.


Storage types and strategies

We offer a wide range of storage options in open-air and indoor warehouses. Depending on your requirements, we offer customised strategies ranging from block and rack storage to individual storage locations, also taking into account FiFo/ LiFo/ MHD batches.

Our IT-supported inventory management guarantees transparency in all stock movements.


Warehousing - open-air warehouse / indoor warehouse

With almost 100,000 square metres of storage space in open-air and indoor warehouses, we can handle the classic storage of your goods for you, regardless of how long they are stored. We offer you our storage areas for long-term storage as well as for temporarily required areas (storage bottlenecks / sales campaigns) or classic "cross-docking transactions".


Inventory management

We take over the inventory management of the goods stored with us for you. Based on parameters defined with you in advance, we arrange for the respective stock levels to be replenished either directly or via you, broken down by item or item group.


Process transparency

Using WLAN-supported scanner technology, we achieve process transparency in the open-air and indoor warehouse in real time in your system or via a WMS interface.


Temperature control

Thanks to the temperature control of our indoor warehouses, we can offer you the following temperature ranges: frost-free, fresh +5° to +8° or "ambient" +12° to +20°.



In addition to the classic warehousing and logistics activities, we offer a whole range of additional activities relating to your product, from quality control and price labelling to simple or complex assembly activities.



We will be happy to label the goods for you according to your specifications. You are therefore able to deliver your goods "ready for sale" to your customer without having to handle them yourself.


Assembling / repair service

Assembly and/or repair activities or the completion/addition of products at any point in the value chain are also part of our logistics portfolio. Following a process description and training of our employees, we are happy to take on these activities for you at any time.



We will be happy to label the goods for you according to your specifications. You are therefore able to deliver your goods "ready for sale" to your customer without having to handle them yourself.


Packaging / repackaging

We can, of course, carry out repackaging work (e.g. for imported goods) and/or new packaging, even in different container sizes, in appropriate sales packaging. Both "neutral" and your company's own packaging material can be used. 


Peak coverage during seasonal periods

We can also help you to cover your order peaks and thus guarantee short throughput times.


Quality control

Based on the quality criteria specified by you, we check the goods delivered to us on your behalf with regard to important quality features such as features, shape, colour and functionality of the products as well as other parameters to be defined. 


Display construction and assembly

Our diverse logistics portfolio also includes the construction and assembly of sales displays. We take care of ready-to-ship packaging, interim storage and deliveries according to your specifications.


Returns management

We act as a central point of contact for your customers' returns shipments and process them via various modes of transport. We collect these returns at our warehouse and feed them back into your merchandise management system or deliver them back to your warehouse according to defined standards.


Order picking

For your B2B or B2C business, we can handle the online picking of your customer orders at any time. Using our automated carton conveyor system with integrated packaging line and scanning of the packages, we can handle customer orders ranging from small packages to complete pallets.