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Your way to us


The application process can be as individual as each and every one of us is. But we will be happy to describe the usual procedure so that you know what you can expect from us.


Application form

After you have applied online for one of our advertised vacancies - or on your own initiative - you will receive a confirmation of receipt from us by email.



Once we have received your application, we will check it for completeness, suitability and whether it matches your and our expectations and wishes. Please always let us know your salary expectations, your desired weekly working hours and your earliest possible availability or notice period. We thank you for your patience at this point - because we check every single application and will definitely get back to you!



No matter what result we come to after the screening, you will always receive feedback from us after 1-2 weeks (at the latest!).

If we feel that your profile does not match our requirements, we will have to politely turn you down.

However, if we can imagine working with you, we will contact you to arrange a personal meeting to get to know you. Depending on the position, we may first talk to you on the phone or via video call, or we may invite you to a trial job or a traditional job interview.


Trial day or second personal interview

Depending on how the initial meeting goes, it may be a good idea to spend a morning or afternoon immersing yourself in the practical side of some positions. Perhaps you are unsure whether the job is right for you and would like to find out more? Or maybe the team would like to get to know you. In many cases, however, it will also be the case that we simply talk about contract requirements again in the second interview and we simply meet in person for a second time.



After we've got to know each other and we've both been able to clarify any questions, it's time to decide whether we're a good match. We are curious! If it doesn't work out, thank you very much for your interest and your time! And please let us know what we can do better if we were able to convince you. Should we be a good match...


Contract signing

... we will send you a draft contract as soon as possible and look forward to signing the contract with you so that we can welcome you soon! We look forward to seeing you!



So that you feel well prepared for your first day with us, you will receive a lot of information from us before you start work and we will also need some documents from you. As HR, we will be your constant point of contact before your first day, but of course also during your entire time at HEINLOTH.