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Green logistics

  • >30%
    CO2 reduction
  • >8%
    fuel reduction 
  • >20%
    reduction in empty km
  • >12%
    electricity savings
  • >13%
    water savings
  • 225 MWh
    power generation

Comparative period 2021/2022



We are committed to acting in a highly responsible, professional and qualified manner and consistently ensure that we optimise our services with the aim of guaranteeing the highest possible level of environmental protection and resource conservation.
Our environmental policy

  • A conscious approach to the environment is a mainstay of the company
  • Ecology and economy are not mutually exclusive
  • Use of modern and resource-saving technology and equipment
  • Use of renewable energies
  • Emphasis on the highest possible energy efficiency
  • Reduction of environmental impact (mainly greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 emissions) and continuous improvement of environmental performance
  • Management of sustainable resources and waste reduction

To realise the goals we have set ourselves, we use integrated management systems that form the basis of all our business activities and our corporate actions.

We fulfill our company's claim to demonstrate ecological responsibility in a transparent and verifiable manner through certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 and membership of the Bavarian Environmental Pact.


Vehicle fleet

We continuously invest in a modern and up-to-date vehicle fleet. Through regular fleet renewal and fleet expansion, we always have a fleet of the latest vehicle/engine generations with the highest possible efficiency, also in terms of environmental impact. The average age of our fleet is 20 months.


We have a modern and innovative transport management system in use, which is used to manage transports with the highest possible optimisation, also in terms of capacity utilisation and empty kilometres.


We continuously invest in state-of-the-art, modern technology and manage logistics properties with a consistent focus on maximising efficiency and conserving resources.


We work in administration at modern workstations and with a wide range of supporting software systems to maximise efficiency and conserve resources.


We train our employees in all areas at regular intervals, including in relation to our environmental policy and environmental topics such as the conservation and protection of resources.


We invest continuously and sustainably in the digitalisation of a wide range of processes and activities to enable the highest possible efficiency and conservation of resources.

Real estate

We only plan and realise sustainable construction projects. Our logistics properties are temperature-insulated, equipped with heat pumps, photovoltaic systems to generate their own electricity and state-of-the-art intelligent building control technology. Our construction measures comply with the KfW55 standard.

Environmental protection and sustainability

are the TOP topics in our society and economy.

HEINLOTH - the logistic experts are constantly endeavouring to implement these topics in the areas of transport and logistics.

"Sustainable growth can only be achieved in the long term if economic success 
with responsibility for the environment is consistent."





LNG vehicles

We invest sustainably in our vehicle fleet and use LNG vehicles in our scheduled/system transport services.



We invest sustainably in our vehicle fleet and have so-called ECO trailers in use in Finland. These high-capacity vehicles (HCT) can transport up to 70 tonnes of payload with a tractor unit with two 13.60 metre semi-trailers coupled one behind the other in this vehicle combination with a length of 32 metres payload. By saving one tractor unit compared to conventional transport, we are significantly reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.


Alternative drives

We have been using electric and plug-in hybrid drives in our car fleet for years.



We have a state-of-the-art telematics system in use in our fleet which displays ECO-Drive information to our drivers in real time. The data is regularly evaluated and serves as the basis for training our drivers in environmentally friendly and resource-saving driving behaviour.


Utilisation of multimodal modes of transport

We have been consistently utilising combinations of intermodal modes of transport for years and are continuously expanding our service portfolio in this area.

See also FREIGHT | Mulitmodal transport.


Electric industrial trucks

In our logistics properties, we consistently rely on electrically powered forklift trucks with lithium-ion 
batteries for a high degree of utilisation of the electricity produced by our photovoltaic systems.


Sustainable construction measures

In our logistics properties, we rely on intelligent sensor technology for daylight-dependent dimming and motion-dependent lighting as well as photovoltaic systems to generate our own electricity.


Elimination of unnecessary power consumers

We consistently use the simplest technology at the workstations, such as master and slave sockets and LED flat-panel monitors.



The suitability of our warehouses and logistics processes for "Food & Industry" has also been documented by the EC Organic Regulation 834/2007.