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Individual solutions



Industry-specific requirements call 
for industry-specific solutions.

For many years, we are specialised in complex solutions that go beyond pure transport and/or warehousing and order picking activities. At Heinloth - the logistic experts, Solutions combines the interplay of transport and warehousing activities with downstream services, such as delivery and installation up to the point of sale, as well as stock monitoring with automatic replenishment according to agreed parameters.

For us, Solutions means offering you a complete package consisting of handling, storage, transport, shipment of the goods to the point of use, installation and commissioning as well as the return of old products and the return and disposal of packaging materials as required from a single source.



To ensure this, we use specialised equipment such as vehicles with lifting platforms or tail lifts and rely on specially trained staff and corresponding assembly teams. The use of special transport racks for the tile and natural stone industry guarantees a high damage-free rate and also ensures maximum load securing.

The bundling of your import shipments from the most diverse regions of Europe at our transshipment warehouse and compressed delivery to the specialised trade round off the portfolio here.We also take over the inventory management and monitoring of your production materials or the raw materials required for your production and independently initiate replenishment according to previously defined parameters.

As a lead logistics provider, we supplement and optimise your supply chain with highly efficient solutions and state-of-the-art storage and delivery concepts.

In addition to the classic transport and warehouse business, we take on various product- and process-oriented services and offer you a range of value-added services for the integrated optimisation of your value chain.



As part of our value-added services, we put our measuring system for rewinding and cutting cables to length based on customer specifications into operation in April 2019. The orders are transmitted by the customer to the warehouse management system (WMS) in real time and reported back once the order has been completed.

The calibrated laser measuring system works with a (measuring) tolerance of just 0.04%, which corresponds to a maximum deviation of 4 mm at 10 metres. Drums with a maximum diameter of up to 2.5 metres and a maximum weight of up to 8 tonnes can be processed here. The diameters of the cables to be processed here can vary from 0.4 cm to 8.0 cm. For sensitive/thin cables, a strain relief can be added. The system, one of the largest and most modern in Europe, is designed in such a way that tubes or flexible pipes (empty conduits) can also be processed.

The design of this system focussed on reducing the necessary handling of the drum to a minimum and only subjecting the cable to minimal stress during the ongoing process.


Tile &
natural stone 


The specialist department for tile and natural stone transport at HEINLOTH - the logistic experts loads daily in ITALY and weekly in SPAIN.

The large number of fixed equipment guarantees customers speed, reliability and a constant readiness to perform all year round. Customers also particularly appreciate the ongoing communication of order status, from order confirmation to delivery notification. Large local partner warehouses actively support the realisation of short response times and a perfect information policy.

The tile and natural stone team is also happy to take care of all other transport matters for the specialised trade. HEINLOTH - the logistic experts combine the performance of a large company with the personal service of a medium-sized family company.


Particularly in the procurement concepts for the casting industry, we use tipper and silo vehicles on defined routes and realise the single-variety reloading of free-flowing goods to supply the customer's production with raw materials.

Silos &



The suitability of our warehouses and logistics processes for "Food & Beverages" was additionally documented by the EC Organic Regulation 834/2007 and extended in particular to products produced in accordance with the "organic standard".